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"This varsity jacket is simply amazing! It's definitely a statement piece in my wardrobe!"
sierra jarvi
Sierra Jarvi
"It's stylish, comfortable, and well-made. I wear it to games, to the gym, and even to work."
james snyder
James Snyder
"I have been searching for the perfect varsity for months and I finally found it with this one."
erica hill
Erica Hill
"The stitching is strong and durable, and the lining is comfortable. It's a great value for the price."
rodney spencer
Rodney Spencer

Discover Your Signature Look with Men’s Varsity Jacket

Men’s varsity jacket that looks just as classy today as they did centuries ago yet manage to combine sporty style with casual chic. The jackets with their background in college sports have become convertible fashion accessories that would appeal to young and stylish people who want to be in the mode. We at want to bring unique offerings to our customers and this means not only timelessly stylish jackets but also incorporation of modern flavor.

Stand Out in Our Women's Varsity Jacket Collection

A women’s varsity jacket is an emblematic item which, with an ease, combines the casual chic with cool and stylish sporty design. The heritage of sportswear styled jackets from the college sports culture time may be the reason that they now are the real combination of both comfort and style. Our collection offers seasonal wool fabrics to the latest satin texture designs, thus meeting everyone’s preferences and event needs.


Vintage Varsity Jacket to Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Your Wardrobe

Made from the best materials and decorated with the iconic striped hoods, collars and cuffs, the vintage varsity jacket gives a feeling of realness and just beautiful. It can be worn with distinct school iconography or with special patches. Every jacket has its story and is unique in its own way. Our collection offers diverse choices for anyone who appreciates vintage fashion. By having an amazing attention to detail and being certain that every vintage varsity jacket we provide is in the top condition.

Own the Streets in our Premium Black Varsity Jacket

Step up, give the centre stage and conquer the streets to style with our premium black varsity jacket. The craftsmanship of meticulous detail and top materials reflects not only the aesthetics but the essence of urban elegance and timeless fashion. Whatever your style motivation is, whether you are running for an errand or for a night out with your friends, our black varsity jacket with classic edge and flair emphasizes your outfit to the maximum. With the clean, wearable style that this jacket possesses, this item will compliment any statement-filled closet.
Feel the magic of wearable comfort, high quality, affordable and sporty charming with our varsity bomber jacket.

Time to Show Your School Spirit in Style

If you are a fashion-conscious person and wish to wear something stylish and classy which would showcase your school spirit, then our cool women’s and mens varsity jacket with letter imprints are perfect. Genuine (and wool) exterior packages can be customized with leather in sleeves for the ultimate authenticity or to suit your tastes, with still more authenticity, with all these, you can stand out from the crowd, whether super engaging classical cuts or with modern and bright colors. Make your jacket tailored with patches, embroidered text, and other interesting accessories to make it exclusive.

Experience Quality in Our Collection that Speaks Perfection

At New Varsity Jackets, we strive always to deliver the highest standard of quality while providing you with the costliest bomber jackets at the cheap prices. There are many options on the market when you want to look both stylish and feel warm, and that includes varied color, cut, and material options that fit your needs.

The cowhide jackets for men, offering a classic fleece as well as innovative fabric and leather blends, can be worn every day, thanks to the diverse selection, we stock from real cowhide leather sleeves that match every taste.

Crop Varsity Jacket:

The jacket offers a plethora of choices to suit one’s style quotient.
Grabs all the attention like it is supposed to when layered over high-waisted bottoms.

Bomber Jacket:

Usually their makers include quilted lining as the last of comforting elements.
Tough enough to add a tailored appearance to notch you for any possible circumstances.

Red Varsity Jacket:

Red color tone ranges from bright scarlet to dark burgundy, depending on the utilized shades.
It can be embraced to stand out and put in place a vivid look to your styling.

Showcase Fashionable Expression of Team Spirit

While fashion can express your own ideas, yet a custom varsity jacket with style will definitely allow you to represent your school or university and favorite sport team at the same time. The vivid and domineering varsity jacket for men, which has been custom-designed to match your tastes, will not only help you to become prominent, but also to drive the attention to your team through its statements and aspired authority. It is great that this not only makes you unique and different from others but also helps with your branding.

Looking for a varsity jacket near me? Visit our store to explore a wide selection of stylish and quality varsity jackets available right in your neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What material is used to make varsity jackets?

Ans. We use the best fabrics such as wool, satin, and genuine leather to make our jackets so that once you buy one, you have it forever with you as a statement piece.

Q2. Does your custom tailor make for the varsity jackets?

Ans. Yes, our company can customize varsity jackets which can have embroidered letters, patches, and personalized designs.

Q3. Which is the right size for my varsity jacket?

Ans. To get just what you need you should check out our chart or head to our online store for an assisted fitting.

Q4. Do your varsity jackets work good for summer and winter as well?

Ans. Despite the nature, we also offer light jackets and styles that can be easily worn during warmer months.

Q5. What care instructions should I follow for my hooded Varsity Jacket?

Ans. The best cleaning method for varsity jackets varies from material. It can be spot cleaned or dry cleaned in order to maintain the look and texture.

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